Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Good-Bye to a Garden

Good-bye to Mr Koala Letterbox, who couldn't come because he is concreted into the ground:
The local children who like to say hello to him on their way to school are probably glad about that.

Good-bye to the garden full of flowers:
That some of those children walking past called, "The butterfly house",
because there were always butterflies flitting through.

Today we collected the last load of stuff we're not saying good-bye to. A car full of plants:
And a ute and trailer looking as if Granny Clampett should be sitting up on top:
Stay tuned for a new garden, starting soon!


  1. I know how that feels, leaving the garden you've worked so hard to develop and maintain. But you have an exciting challenge to look forward to: creating a new one - from scratch! Good luck! I think you're starting it at just the right time of year too.

  2. Owo yes I know how it is, saying bye-bye to plants. Last weekend my daughter gave as gift 2 avocados small trees ( in vases) to a friend, and I said bye-bye and good lucky to them.. It seems you will have a lot of work with the new garden. Hugs