Monday, October 19, 2015


I was exhausted after the two days of discussions etc at the Citizens' Jury. But it was nice to watch five corellas playing in one of our trees as I ate my breakfast this morning.
They kept swapping positions in some sort of "musical chairs" type of game.

A pair of galahs perched in another tree for a while:

I didn't find many media reports of the jury's deliberations. I never read the Herald Sun, and this is why:
Happy Meal Ban and Preschool Cooking Classes
Six weeks of work by 100 jurors (to say nothing of all the people behind the scenes), turned into a trivial story which will attract stupid comments from people who know nothing about the real recommendations.

If you are interested in finding out more about the real recommendations, you can download them from the Vichealth site here:
Victoria's Citizens' Jury on Obesity

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  1. A juror rang in to ABC774 on Monday. Missed the beginning of the segment so do not know if it was in the context of a story on the event. He seemed to be mainly describing the jury composition and the process.