Sunday, August 23, 2015

Monkey for August

Finished just before the end of the month:
He needs an embroidered mouth and nose, but that will come later.

There is only one more block in the Quiet Play Zoo Animals block of the month project. But last week when Kristy had a sale on her patterns, I purchased her Woodland Creatures project. I'm going to use some of those creatures to expand my Zoo Animals to a larger quilt. Here's the first couple I'm planning to make:
I don't know how much sewing time I will get in the next month or two, so this project might stretch beyond the end of this year!

Linked to Quiet Play, where you can see a few other cute August monkeys.


  1. Monkeys are always popular and yours is looking impish already.

    Painting is a lot easier in empty open spaces you'll be suprised at how quick it will go.

  2. He looks a little cheeky, love him.

  3. Great idea to expand the quilt. It will look fabulous