Saturday, August 8, 2015

Basting Bee

The Ballaarat Quilters have a stand at the "Old Trades Exhibition" in Ballarat this weekend. I volunteered to bring along a quilt to be basted on their basting frame.

With lots of help and advice the back I made yesterday was pinned to the frame,
then we laid out the batting and the top, and several lovely ladies did rows and rows of basting
and in a very short time it was all done!
Now that I know how to use the frame, I will borrow it at some stage to get my large quilt basted.

After the show we went to look at house progress. My sewing room now has a ceiling!


  1. Isn't that wonderful--your quilt is done!! Nice ladies....hugs, Julierose

  2. How wonderful. I take it they were thread basting as I don't see any pins. A very handy frame. And ya ! for ceilings, really looking like a room now.

  3. A basting frame sounds it turn easy the process of basting I would like to see how it works. Hugs

  4. A ceiling now makes it look like a real room. Hadn't heard of a basting frame before, thanks for showing us.

  5. Always nice to have a hand with basting a large quilt!