Friday, August 14, 2015

Decisions, Decisions

I can't believe the number of decisions you have to make when building a house. So many things that you just take for granted when you move into a pre-existing house.

In the last week, there have been questions like: Should there be cornice in the bay window? I decided No. What light fittings will go in each room? How low should pendant lights hang? I've asked the architect. What size/style laundry trough? How will the kitchen be tiled, and how high should the tiles go? Still working on those ones. Paint colours? I've collected charts from about seven different paint manufacturers which may have only added to the confusion.

But at least today the colours of the kitchen cupboards and benches were decided:
There are so many different laminates available, but the vast majority of them are grey. The cabinet-maker told me that grey is the new black! That makes it a bit tricky if you would prefer warmer tones in the kitchen. Anyway, these are our choices!


  1. All those eggs look so different, I really miss our 3 girls and the eggs they laid each day. I am loving the timeline on your home build, look forward each week to seeing that little bit more finished. Glads it's you having to make the decisions, I would have been over it all by now. Not long and you and "G" will be ready to move in. Have you thought of a name yet???

  2. One decision at a time if will come together!