Friday, August 7, 2015

Backing Take Two

Basting the large quilt tomorrow has been cancelled. Oh well, at least I now have its back made, so it is one step closer to completion.

Instead of the large quilt, I've been asked to bring along a smaller one. Everyone involved needs practice before tackling a large one. So I decided to take this one:

So this afternoon I had to quickly piece a backing for it, which was complicated by the fact that the quilt top is 100kms away and I didn't remember exactly how big it is. Fortunately I found this picture, so if I have remembered correctly how big I made the individual blocks (I think the stars are 20cms), the quilt is 115cms square.

I pulled out a collection of odd-sized pieces a friend gave me a while back, and seamed them together until I had a square which should be big enough:
Now I just have to hope that when I collect the top tomorrow, I'll find a big enough piece of wadding to go with it.

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  1. Love that colourful scrappy stars. I just finished one but left off the outer border.