Friday, July 10, 2015

Waiting for Windows

The shed is done. Do you think it will be big enough?
Matt the plumber connected the downpipe so that any rain that falls on it will go to our tank:

You may have noticed that I haven't had any house updates for a couple of weeks. That's because we are waiting for windows. Perhaps we should have bought our windows from Germany the way people on Grand Designs always seem to do. If we had, I'm sure they would have been here on time!

The internal plumbing and wiring have been roughed in,

but nothing else can happen until the windows arrive!


  1. Come on already, Windows! Your holding up progress. The shed looks great!

  2. Sheds never seem to be big enough. Hope this one is.

  3. Is it bigger than the sewing room?

  4. Coming along so well though...progress. can be slow sometimes!! Hope your windows arrive soon...hugs, Julierose

  5. I reckon your shed is nearly as big as our house! Oh what a beauty!

  6. Graeme's going to love his new shed, boy it is a big shed.