Monday, July 20, 2015

How Cold Is It?

Apparently yesterday morning was the coldest Ballarat had ever experienced (-6.3), but this morning (which was only -4) seemed a bit colder here for a particular reason. Hot showers were off the menu because the pipes had frozen!

The dogs tried to get warm in a little patch of winter sunshine on the stairs. I sat around waiting for the the temperature to creep above zero so the pipes would thaw out.


  1. OH NO, frozen pipes not good. It is one of our biggest fears here, that and water main breaks in the streets. For three years in a row we had breaks further down out street, finally the city gave in and replaced the whole pipe. Sending warm thoughts, we just had enough heat to turn on the A/C for two days.

  2. Oh Bummer! Frozen pipes are the worst! Poor baby pups - good thing they have their jammies to help keep them warm.

  3. When I was a child we lived in a cold place. People used to wrap insulation around their pipes to prevent them freezing. What will you be doing to prevent frozen pipes in your house in the bush? Or is it the pipes in the ground that pose a bigger problem?

    1. There won't be any exposed pipes like there are at this place. Underground pipes aren't a problem (the ground doesn't freeze in this part of the world), and all pipes through the house will be very well insulated.