Thursday, April 23, 2015

Slab Day

We were notified early today that the pour had been delayed, and would start at 8:30. Apparently the concrete works is so busy at the moment that they had to stagger several orders today. Here's how everything looked before the first load arrived:
But it wasn't long before the first mixer appeared:
And it was all hands on deck:
Loads of grey concrete for the deep foundations:
And loads of coloured concrete for the visible parts of the slab:
And lots of hard work, from the kitchen end:
Through the middle of the house:
To the main bedroom, where a baby mixer brought the grey foundation:
And the final load of coloured concrete:
which arrived just as the guys were getting stuck in to the BBQ lunch. But they jumped back into the concrete; lunch would have to wait!

A few hours later, the formwork was removed:
And the "helicoptering" began:
They did three passes of the helicopter before we left for the night. We'll be back in the morning to see how it looks.

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  1. The foundations and slab, will be interesting to see the final colour.