Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Waiting for the NBN

When I first looked at my unit last June, there was a hole at the front of the property which I was told was "something to do with the NBN". (The National Broadband Network, for those not in the know.) At settlement in December, the hole was still there.

About 2 months ago (so at least 8 months after the hole was dug), a group of NBN workers arrived and installed a proper pit in the hole, with an official-looking "NBN" access cover. They then connected boxes to the sides of several units in the complex, but not on mine.

About a month ago, on the very day I rang up to find out why my unit wasn't connected up, this arrived:
My NBN connection! However, I knew not to celebrate immediately. I was told during that phone conversation that even once the point was attached to my house, it would be another week or so before the work was finished in the street. They said I would get a letter once I could connect.

Every time I arrive at the unit, I rush to the mailbox, looking for my connection letter. And so far, I've only been disappointed. And when I check my address at the NBN Co web site, it tells me:

The NBN is available in your area.
There may be an issue at your specific address.

No kidding.


  1. Oh, these little bureaucrats; still moving papers round in ever-decreasing circles!

  2. But at least it is close, looking forward to a report once you are at high speed.

  3. Gosh, these things do move at a snail's pace--we have similar issues with our provider (only one available in our area!!) also. It can get very frustrating....good luck on this Hugs, Julierose

  4. Did you read Ric- Rac's tale about the NBN ? (She is also in Ballarat) http://vintagericrac.blogspot.com.au/2015/02/finn-and-tradies.html
    You can't rush these things, obviously!