Saturday, April 11, 2015

Eight Cubic Metres of Gravel

A cockatoo in an autumn tree in Ballan:

We were passing through Ballan on our way to the block.

Here's what we are doing this weekend:

That's two truck-loads of gravel which have to be spread and leveled over a circle 8.5 metres in diameter, to form the first part of the pad for the water tank. Eight cubic meters. Probably at least 10 tonnes. To be moved by two humans without mechanical assistance. In two days.

Here it is after the first hour of hard work:
You will notice that some time in the first hour we realised a wheelbarrow would help with the task. Fortunately the builders had left one in their lock-up container, and even more fortunately, we have a key!

Here's how far we got before we stopped for the day:
There's still a long way to go.


  1. Looks like extremely hard work!

  2. Wow Vireya, having just topped up our driveway with new gravel both my husband and I appreciate the work that went into that. It is hard work! Well done. I am so excited for you seeing the work all getting started and I love the sign on the fence! Lucky wildlife.