Sunday, June 8, 2014

The View from Google

I was surprised today to discover that Google Street View has been updated again. That makes three times they've had a drive around here. That's surprising when there are lots of other places in the world they haven't been at all yet. I don't know how much of Australia they've re-done. My sister's place in Queensland has had 3 versions too, but it looks like some remoter areas have only been driven past on the original trip in 2008.

So, here's my house as it appeared in February this year:
It seems to have a couple of strange joins, and for some reason Google thinks the front gable should be blurred. But it's nice to see the crepe myrtles and roses in flower. Shame I wasn't out in the garden at the time to wave to you!


  1. I was so glad when ours was redone. The first time they caught us re-arraigning things in the garage and we looked like a dump compared to the neighbours closed doors. This time the door is closed hiding all the tools etc.

  2. What a charming house you have! I love the cottage garden that compliments it.
    Our street view is 2009, I think we are overdue for an update.