Friday, June 20, 2014

For Sale

What's the collective noun for real estate agents? There's a few suggestions here, but let's be polite and say that a pack of men in black suits visited my house this morning, including a very tall one with a camera.

The combination of a tall photographer and a very wide-angled lens makes for interesting photos. All the rooms look more spacious than they do in real life. Tonight the ad appeared on the internet, and I've taken the liberty of "stealing" some of their photos for this blog post.

Here's my loungeroom:

My kitchen (I would have removed the black placemats if I had realised how dominant they would be in the photo):

The main bedroom:
Try not to notice that the "bed" is actually a stack of cardboard archive boxes draped with quilts.

I think they've made the house look pretty good, but I'm not sure I would have included this photo of my sewing room in the ad:
Would that make you want to buy the house? I think I need to cull my bookshelves!


  1. We had some photos taken of our house once for real estate ads...I was very impressed with how spacious it all looked! lol. Conversely I now look at such photos with a bit of scepticism! lol. Your house looks lovely and you certainly have lots of books! :-)

  2. Selling and moving is always stressful. I wish you a quick sale.

  3. How about an "Invasion of Real Estate Agents". I love yellow kitchens - how bright & cheery! Bookshelves are always the hardest thing to pare down. Your house is lovely & I hope you sell it right quick!

  4. Your home looks fantastic. I heard the removal guys muttering about packing all my books and magazines. I don't think they believed I had halved my magazine stack.