Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mid-Century Modern at the NGV

Took a break from house work to visit the NGV's exhibition Mid-Century Modern: Australian Furniture Design.

Whoops! Wrong gallery:
These colourful bears are part of "You started it...I finish it" an installation by Paola Pivi, at the NGV International. I really wanted to be at the NGV Australia, a short sun-shiny walk away.

This is more like it:
Above are "Contour" chairs and settee designed by Grant Featherston in 1953, with a blow-up of a November (didn't note the year) Home Beautiful cover featuring them.

Below, a "Form Line" dining chair designed by Fred Lowen c1955, in front of the August 1956 Home Beautiful cover:
The cute drinks trolley on the cover is also in the exhibition.

There are lots of interesting and stylish pieces on show, but some would be hard to live with I think. For example, take this room designed by a leading interior designer of the era, Marion Hall Best, for a Sydney client:
"Rondo" chairs designed by Gordon Andrews, with a rug by Mona Hessing, and "Industrial Revolution", a wall piece by Jack Meyer. This wall piece looks amazing, but its flashing lights and accompanying clunky-whirry sounds would drive me nuts after a while. I hope it had an "off" switch somewhere!


  1. Don't have to go to an exhibition to see those. I'm using mine every day.

    1. The polar bears? What do you use them for? They don't look as if they'd be too comfortable to sit on.