Saturday, June 28, 2014

T-Shirt Finished

Because I had cut the sleeves a bit short (or not lengthened them enough) turning up a hem made it look as if I'd grown out of the shirt. So I used the same binding technique as I used for the neckline (see previous post):
That added just enough I think. It's too cold to get undressed and try it on now!

I picked up a few tips and tricks in the Craftsy class (The Ultimate T-Shirt), one of which made it easy to get a nice twin-needled finish on the hem without the stitches tunnelling:
This is not the best fitting t-shirt I've ever seen. But if I had made it according to the pattern it would have been unwearable - baggy in the body, with sleeves too tight to get my arms into. For my next t-shirt I will use a better pattern and incorporate the ideas I gained from this class.

In general I would rate the class as OK. It did give me some good ideas, but the class description said that it would focus on making the shirt fit, and there was very little information given on that topic. In fact, the instructors just said to do another class on fitting, or consult books, to deal with most fitting issues. So I think the class description needs editing to reflect that.

I could have saved the cost of the class by using a pattern I already had, and consulting this Threads article:
Not Your Ordinary T-Shirt. It was written by Marcie Tilton, one of the instructors of the Craftsy class, and contains most of the tips she gave in the class. Watching the video classes was much more entertaining than reading a magazine article, though.

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