Friday, April 4, 2014

Sweet Peas

Traditionally in Melbourne one should plant sweet pea seeds on St Patrick's Day, 17th March. I was too sick that day, so these went in a couple of days late:
They don't seem too fussed, do they?

The seeds were a gift from a friend's garden. Picture of hers last year here. It will be interesting to see what colour flowers these ones have.


  1. Lucky you, my brand new packet planted on the 17th have not emerged as yet. Will be interested to see what colour you get.

  2. Sweet peas are so,... well,... sweet! Love them, but my 'sad' story is that, oh so very many years ago, a friend gave me seeds from hers and they are, well, still in an envelope in a box in the garage having never made it into the ground...I'm really bad like that. Looking forward to seeing pix of YOURS when they start blooming :)

  3. Does that mean they flower in winter. I would plant them in March too!