Sunday, April 27, 2014

Still Puzzled by This

A month ago when the slabs were poured for this development over my fence, I was surprised as it didn't match the plans I had seen. I went to the council offices to look at the plans, and discovered that the whole arrangement had been changed. The council believed that neighbours had been notified, but I never saw a sign, and I definitely never received a letter advising me of the change of plans.

However, the new plans were actually better in some ways than the original. The buildings are much closer to me, but the windows now do not overlook my back yard, so I was relatively happy.

But now the walls are going up, and what they are building doesn't seem to match even the second set of plans. I have no idea what the huge steel girders across the block are for:
 In the plans I was shown that area is open; it is the new spot for the car-park. But this definitely looks like the area over the car-park will be built on. It doesn't affect me, as it won't be visible from my property, but it is still a bit puzzling!


  1. Make a fuss! Do something!
    It certainly sounds like the developer is putting one over the planning authority, the council, and the residents. It all sounds illegal to me. Somebody who does this will not build according to the law. This puts innocent people in danger.
    He might be doing something wrong with drainage and plumbing that could affect your home in the future.
    Make a fuss! Phone the radio station. Write to your local MP. Ask questions that lead other people to ask even more questions.

  2. Everyones nightmare. We have a vacant block next door (house burnt down-Housing Commission property, Dread to know what they will do.
    You have my sympathies.