Monday, April 14, 2014

Light Green

Spent a little time sorting my green fabrics:
A few of those are in the wrong place, but somehow that is easier to see on the computer than in real life. Also the darkest ones disappeared off the left-hand side of the photo.

Then, starting on the right-hand side, I made some pieces for my new project:

Pattern is Geta Grama's Flower Ball.

Added to Sarah's Hexie-aholics link up.


  1. I have a piece of the green lady bug fabric in my stash as well

  2. Nice collection of greens. Are there some teals in there? Sorry I've got teal on the brain after last month's RSC14 colour.
    I think your globe will be good in green. A green world: how wonderful.

  3. Great stash of greens for this project!

  4. I1l be looking forward fo see what are you planing with these green hexies. Hugs