Thursday, April 24, 2014

CBD Get-Together

Oops! Something's not quite right here:
Just a short while earlier I had been explaining to someone that the arrows on these templates are to help you to put them together, as every piece is a slightly different shape. Of course I noticed only after completely sewing that side, and finishing off with some very tiny, hard-to-undo stitches. Must have been concentrating too much on the conversation at the monthly quilting get-together in the CBD. Maybe having made this mistake on the very first "flower" for this quilt will ensure that I don't do it again?

A bit of "reverse sewing" and then some more in the forward direction:
Much better!

And many thanks to Jenni who not only brought along some specially ironed pink fabrics for me, she also gave me a cutting from this lovely "poor man's orchid" or Epidendrum (possibly Epidendrum secundum).


  1. I hate un-sewing anything! And why is it that the part that usually needs un-sewing always has teeny, tiny, hard to undo stitches?! So glad you received some more pinks for your project. And the cuttings are beautiful. Keep us posted on their rooting and growth progress.

  2. It's so easy to sew hexies off line of the good you noticed it early with those very helpful arrows. Love the flowers on the cutting you got :-)