Monday, October 29, 2012

Surprise Package

On Friday I found in my letterbox a notice that I had missed a courier delivery. I had the whole weekend to wonder what it might be, as I hadn't ordered anything and wasn't expecting any deliveries. This morning it arrived:
Sustainable Food by Michael Mobbs
A fascinating book that hasn't even been published yet. It is due out some time in November. So why did I get an advance copy?

The answer is on page 143:
That's my picture of a citrus gall, as seen on this blog in June. The publishers asked if they could use my photo, and the book (which will retail for $45) is my reward.

This is the second time one of my photos has been published (the previous one is here). It is a fun side of blogging that I never anticipated!


  1. It's a demonstrates how very good and accurate your photos are--congratulations!

    1. oops, "it demonstrates" or "it's a demonstration of" take your pick:)

  2. Well done Vireya! Both on the good photo and the reward. As you and I both know, not everyone is so honest about respecting copyright.

  3. The author of the book was interviewed on Late Night Live