Thursday, October 18, 2012

It is a Dud

In May 2010 I asked the question, is Hebe "Orphan Annie" a dud? It had been in my garden a year or so then without growing.

In June 2011 it still hadn't grown.

Here it is in October 2012, more than three years since I planted it:
Still no sign of growth, and now a few of its puny branches are shrivelling up.

I was reminded to do this update on its progress when I saw these for sale this evening:
Marked down from $16.98 to $6, but it would be a waste of $6. They already have shrivelled branches. Every "Orphan Annie" in this suburb that I've been watching over the last three years is now dead except mine, and mine looks like it might be starting to go the same way.


  1. That's sad, but I guess you've learned something from your years of observation . . .

  2. Perhaps the variegated form needs extra care, or maybe it's just a dud variant. Such a waste.

  3. I had that struggle to buy a wisteria and get it to last 20 years later I bought a new one in bud and it actually flowered......but will it flower next year.

  4. have you tried Seasol?
    I fill milk bottles while waiting for hot water and then add seasol and take them outside for use when planting things and giving pick me ups.