Saturday, June 9, 2012

To Daylesford

A day trip to Daylesford, to see this:
And a touch of autumn colour on a wintry day.

On the way, a quick stop to experience the turbines of the community-owned Hepburn Community Wind Farm:
They were turning slowly but it was very difficult to hear them until there was a break in the traffic on the road nearby.

Here they are from 10km across the valley in Daylesford:
As you can tell, it wasn't a day for generating solar electricity!

After the quilt show, I wandered round the town a little. This bush caught my eye in someone's garden:
There were a scattering of buds and flowers over the bush, but most striking were the masses of lovely pink medlar-like fruit. Does anyone know what it is?


  1. No idea about the bush, but it's beautiful.

  2. With no thorns, it's probably a Cotoneaster

  3. I did a search, came up with Crataegus - hawthorn, pink medlar, you may have been right by describing them as medlar like. Beautiful anyway.