Saturday, June 23, 2012


One of my favourite shops in the city is Tokuya, the Japanese "everything's $3.50" shop. Trying to guess the use of some of the products is a challenge, but I think this one will be useful:
Fortunately there are diagrams on the back:

I do have a bit of elastic to thread, so this could be handy.


  1. Great--I'll be keen to hear how it works. I do love a good gadget:)

  2. Well i'm pleased to read that you can work it out, i wouldn't have any idea.

  3. I'll bring it round when I come for coffee, TT.

    Actually it was only $2.80 this week because they had a sale on, Nikki.

    It's probably easier to understand the diagrams if you have the thing in your hand, Kaite. But there are quite a few things in that shop that I cannot work out at all.