Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quilters At The Showgrounds

But not many of them.

The walk from the tramstop was long, and the showgrounds seemed deserted.
I kept going past the Pie In The Sky sculpture, and eventually found the Mad Quilters' Gathering. Unfortunately for the people who had stands there, very few people actually attended today. There were lots of different businesses, many of whom I haven't seen at the larger shows. I wandered around and looked at everything, but didn't buy much. I spent some of my time doing a workshop to make a 3D mariner's compass, which was done using a pattern and tool designed by Cheryl Phillips.
During the workshop we only made half of the compass. The problem with that was that it was very difficult to get exactly the same seam allowance on my machine at home, so my two halves were not exactly the same. The full compass might look OK:
But believe me, it is far from flat! I bought the pattern so I can make it again. Reading the pattern at home afterwards showed me that there was a point early in the construction when I should have fixed one of the issues that lead to this not sitting flat. Even with that knowledge, I think I'll probably need to make it a couple of times before I try it with precious fabric!


  1. you're right--it looks pretty good from here:)

  2. It looks good but i can see for starters that there could be 3 layers of fabric in the centre of the star plus the background, that could raise it a little.