Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amazing Insect

Checking the TreeProject seedlings today, I noticed that the recent damp weather has not helped the powdery mildew on the the swamp gums (Eucalyptus ovata). However, I wasn't planning to spray them with anything this year, even before I found this little guy:
It is a fungus-eating ladybird (Illeis galbula)! Both the adults and larvae eat fungus, so I'm very happy for this one, and any relatives it wants to invite over, to feast away on the powdery mildew.

And for proof that the sun shone for a while today, see the blue sky reflected on the ladybird.


  1. That's a fantastic photo and three cheers for a fungus-eating lady bird.

  2. Great shot, and i can just see the teeny bit of blue. A handsome little critter.