Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I've had this pattern for a year or two, and I've had this fabric for a while. Now I'd like to put them together and turn them into a summer dress.
Lots of people on Pattern Review have made this dress, although no-one has done what I want to do and used the sleeve from view A (the beige one) and the neckline from view C/D (the white and pink ones).  I like longer sleeves. Looking at the pattern pieces, I'm sure that will work.

Reading lots of reviews probably doesn't help much anyway, as everyone has different fitting issues. Some people say that the bodice is too short, others say it is too long, when really it is just their own body that makes it seem that way. I know I will need to lengthen it, but first I need to work out which size to make. Most of the reviewers said there was too much ease in the pattern, so for my first trial bodice I used one size smaller than my measurements suggested.
I could put it on, but it was too closely-fitted, and getting it off wasn't easy. For comfort, I will go with the size I would have made if I hadn't read any reviews! The next trial will involve altering the length and the princess-line shaping to more closely match my shape.

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