Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Concrete Stump

How big do you think a tree might be now, if it had been planted in 1968?
Rather than plant a replacement tree, someone (presumably the council) erected this concrete stump. If you can't read the plaque, it says:

This plaque is to record that on this site stood a stately old gum tree. Local residents claim that an Aboriginal canoe was cut from its trunk. Because it became dangerous it was removed on 9.4.1968


  1. huh? so why not replace it with another tree, which they could have again cut down in another hundred years.
    or alternatively why bother - at all - with the concrete one.
    i am completely mystified.

  2. It mystifies me, too! And why put seats around it? Who would want to sit under a non-existent tree?