Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today I did some quilting on the next part of the "pink triangles" quilt, but I don't want to show too many progress shots as they would not be interesting to anyone but me. I will say that I'm happy with how it is looking, though.
To minimise pain and suffering, I interspersed quilting and time in the garden. The weeds have been growing very well recently, so there was plenty of pulling out to do. I also dead-headed my roses for the first time this season, but there are still lots of buds coming on. Here's one just about to open.

And I promise that when I saw this friend's post for today, it was already too late for me to photograph something different. I wasn't copying, really!


  1. Not a problem--now I get to enjoy two rose close-ups instead of just one:)

  2. your pink rose bud is very sensual