Thursday, November 17, 2011

Still Quilting

Back to the machine today, to do a bit more quilting:
For the hexagon kaleidoscope blocks, I'm quilting following the fabric design. I'm nearly half the way through this part, then I have the border to do. I'll have to get a bit more creative in the border, because there is no design to follow on that fabric. These might help with ideas:
"72 Ways Not to Stipple or Meander" and "72 MORE Ways not to Stipple or Meander", which arrived today in the mail. I bought them from the author, Dijanne Cevaal. They are both packed with ideas for quilting designs. More quilting practice coming up!


  1. you've got a busy week ahead then, more quilting and less blackbird watching.

  2. The quilting looks good. I like the idea of letting the fabric set the quilting lines.

  3. I agree with Terry re, letting the fabric set the pattern. It's looking good, can't wait to see it in the flesh.