Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Happy first day of spring!

I'm not at the house today, but look what's been happening there:
We have some paving! It looks great, and will make it much easier to get in and out of the house. It's hard to see in the shadow, but there is even a ramp to the front door.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Eight Down, One To Go

Yesterday's fires smoking away quietly today, along with the remains of several of the earlier fires to the right of the photo. Amazingly, there is still smoke coming from one of the first fires lit over three weeks ago. At least one of the stumps is still burning.

The remaining pile to be burnt is the largest one. We might be able to get it broken into smaller piles next week, as there will be an earth-moving machine on site to lay out the dispersion field for the waste treatment unit.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lots Happening

Three more fires lit today:
Only one to go after this.

The electrician installed a fan and some lights,
 so the house is starting to look like you could live there:
We had a bit of fun working out which light switch controlled each light. One is still a mystery!

The bathroom floor tiles were laid:

A quick trip to a hardware shop was required to pick up a longer hose, as the one we were using didn't quite reach as far as it needed to...
Yes, a couple of those trees might be a little blacker than they were this morning.

On top of all that, we had our first visitor other than family members or neighbours, but I didn't think to photograph the event. Thanks for visiting, Jeanette!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Timber Transport

Today's task was to pick up some timber from Urban Salvage, a timber-recycling yard in Spotswood, load it on to our trailer, and get it to Lal Lal:
This timber is for the awning across the front of the house. Jack enjoyed the unimpeded view from the parcel shelf during the loading process:

We all (including the timber) made it safely to the house. There we found Tony doing some preparatory work for our paving,
and a couple of big holes for an addition:
1200 deep, 600 across. Don't fall in!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Plant Rescue

Last October I posted about the house down the street which had been owned by keen gardeners, but had been sold. That post was about a pot of lovely orchids which was discarded on the nature strip when the owners' children were clearing out the house:

You can see a little of how the garden once looked in this Google Street View from August 2008:
A magnolia tree is flowering, and the spring bulbs were probably beginning, but detail is hard to see in this low-resolution image.

Here's a summer view from December 2009:
The magnolia, weeping cherry, and crepe myrtles are in full leaf, the roses are blooming, and there are bulbs and daylilies through the whole front yard. Again, you can't really see the detail in the photo.

By February 2014, the owners had both suffered health problems, and the garden showed the neglect:
It is over-run with weeds, and obviously hasn't been watered in a while.

That's how it stayed until it was sold in about September. Since then it has only declined, as the various short-term tenants there took no care of the garden.

About a month ago, the electricity and water supplies were disconnected, so it was obvious that the house was about to be demolished. On a few evenings since, we have raided the front yard to rescue what we could of the thousands of bulbs we knew were there.

The rescued plants are temporarily planted in the back yard here. They will go with us to the new house when we move.

There are lots weeds amongst them, which we will have to weed out. As well as bulbs, we rescued daylilies, a herbaceous peony root, and iris rhizomes. They may not all survive being dug up at the wrong time in their life-cycle, (and then again in a couple of months) but they've got a better chance than the ones we couldn't get:
What the house looks like today. The yard has been scraped clean, with everything, including probably thousands of bulbs, dumped in a skip and taken away. It also looks like the replacement buildings will be pretty close to the front of the property, so there won't be any garden in future.

Happily, some of the rescued bulbs are already flowering for us:
Old-fashioned freesias above, and below some spring stars.
I'm happy to have got some of these, as I didn't think to dig up any from my old garden when I sold it last year.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Monkey for August

Finished just before the end of the month:
He needs an embroidered mouth and nose, but that will come later.

There is only one more block in the Quiet Play Zoo Animals block of the month project. But last week when Kristy had a sale on her patterns, I purchased her Woodland Creatures project. I'm going to use some of those creatures to expand my Zoo Animals to a larger quilt. Here's the first couple I'm planning to make:
I don't know how much sewing time I will get in the next month or two, so this project might stretch beyond the end of this year!

Linked to Quiet Play, where you can see a few other cute August monkeys.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Officially at lock-up stage, as the last of the cladding is in place!