Friday, June 23, 2017


The fourth week of my year quilt has a touch of blue:

23/06/2017    10.7    aqua/teal
22/06/2017    10.0    blue
21/06/2017      9.7    blue
20/06/2017    11.9    aqua/teal
19/06/2017    12.1    aqua/teal
18/06/2017    12.7    aqua/teal
17/06/2017    14.3    aqua/teal

I found this hexagonal wall planter at a nursery today, marked down to only a quarter of its original price:
So it had to come home with me.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Winter Solstice

Today was short and cold, but at least that meant I could make a different coloured hexagon for my year quilt. Our top temperature was 9.7, so today's hexagon is blue.

While taking the dogs for a walk this afternoon, I was very happy to see two kangaroos:
That might actually be three, as the one on the right looks like she could have a large joey in her pouch.

I was particularly happy to see them because last week a kangaroo was killed by a car at the end of this road. Every time that happens I wonder if it might be the last one in the area, and if I might never again see a live one hopping round the neighbourhood.

After photographing the two roos, I took another couple of steps and realised that there were two more that I hadn't seen initially:

So I was doubly happy!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Binding and Planting

My June UFO now has the binding sewn on to the front:

Ready to be hand-sewn to the back. I have three sit and sew gatherings in the next five days, so I am pretty sure this UFO will be crossed off the list before the end of the month.

Meanwhile in the garden today I dug up most of my dahlias, except one which still has all its leaves.

Then I planted my peonies into the bed that had held the dahlias:
So the peonies are finally out of their pots and in the ground. This bed faces east, so they will get morning sunshine but be protected from the worst of summer. I hope they will be happy here. Now I've got until spring to find another spot for the dahlias.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Quilting and a Koala

Today I finished quilting my June UFO, Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion,
using a curved ruler to quilt canoe shapes all around the border. Now I need to see what I have that I can bind the quilt with.

Late today I saw this:
a koala up a tree a little way down our road. That branch it is on doesn't seem thick enough to hold it, but I suppose that's the only way a koala can get to the freshest shoots at the tips of the branches.

It is a while since we saw a koala around. Last year one was hit by a car and killed about a kilometre or so from here, and I thought perhaps it was "our" koala. But it is very nice to know that there is still some wildlife around the neighbourhood.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Year Quilt Week Three

Week three of my temperature-based year quilt was not very exciting, colour-wise:

16/06/2017   14.2   aqua/teal
15/06/2017   14.6   aqua/teal
14/06/2017   13.2   aqua/teal
13/06/2017   11.7   aqua/teal
12/06/2017   11.8   aqua/teal
11/06/2017   13.6   aqua/teal
10/06/2017   13.1   aqua/teal

I thought Thursday might tip over into the green range, because it felt warm outside during the afternoon.  But it only got to 14.6.

Here is my progress so far:
The first two are now fully stitched in place, although the background squares still need to be sewn together.

Linked to Sarah's HeLP here. 
Sarah initiated the Hexie Temperature quilt idea, and has completed 4 weeks so far. Things are a bit warmer in her part of the world.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

UFO Progress

Finally reached the end of the middle of my Grand Illusion:
Just the borders to go. And after this picture was taken I quilted the pink inner border, so really it is just the outer border to go.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Roraima Nursery Display Garden

Took another trip to Geelong today, and this time we also visited Roraima Nursery in Lara. Since our last visit a couple of months ago, the display garden next to the nursery has opened to the public.

It is amazing!
Gravel paths weave around mounds of earth adorned with large pieces of rock and rusty machinery and planted with cacti, aloes, brachychitons, and other unusual and exotic plants.

All sorts of large vessels become planters.

Such as this huge earth-moving bucket:

Lots of cacti:

I can think of a better way to use these harrow blades, though!

But these braziers look good as plant stands:

The nursery has always been a fascinating place to visit, but this new garden area is much bigger than the nursery.

Entry is a gold coin donation, but we definitely felt we got our money's worth.

It is quite an incredible garden. Worth stopping for a look if you are heading to Geelong.