Monday, April 24, 2023

April Bits and Pieces

More than 2 weeks since my last post. Here's a bit of what has been happening in that time.

These tubs of someone's unwanted fabric arrived at my place:

And a cardboard box of thread cones. Now I have the fun task of sorting through them to see if there is anything useful, and disposing of all of it appropriately. And then the donor wants the tubs back. 

Early one morning I looked out and saw two wallabies munching grass shoulder to shoulder. One noticed and looked at me:

And then her big baby noticed she had stopped eating and stood up to see what was going on:

Too cute!

I assembled this top:

The pattern is called "Simply Woven". I made a couple of blocks some time during a lockdown, then put it aside and forgot about it until I was doing some tidying up a few months ago. Now it is on my list of tops to be quilted.

I went to the Australasian Quilt Convention, which was back in Melbourne this year. The trip to Melbourne involved buses for part of the way due to track works, but was cheap because the regional fares have been reduced since my last trip a few weeks ago. I had been asked to buy some fabric for a friend, but when I found the retailer's stall they hadn't brought the particular line of fabric with them. For myself I bought a spool of thread and an irresistible panel from New Zealand.

I got my 5th covid vaccination.

I've managed to break both my hearing aids this month, although not both at once, and not in the same way. At the moment the left one is off being fixed.

As my sister was packing up her house to move last year, she asked me to rescue a dahlia plant which was dormant at the time, but which had some sentimental importance, (I don't remember now what that was so must ask her again):

Well when I dug it up I thought, that's not a dahlia, there was no tuber. But I potted it, and it grew, and is now flowering (as well as being covered in aphids I see), and it is a chrysanthemum. So maybe it was a Mother's day gift one year? It is a beautiful colour, anyway. I'll have to find a good spot for it in the garden for next year.

We had the opening of our miniature quilt exhibition. Here's a taste of what that was like:

It is on at the Mercure Hotel and Convention Centre, 613 Main Rd, Ballarat until 14th May if you are in the area.

I've been making these blocks, now I have to work out how to sew them together. Which arrangement do you prefer?

The pattern is "Pickle Dish Variation". I made the first components last November, and have been making one or two every so often since. Do you like them all facing the same way, or alternating?


ButterZ said...

Oh these blocks like like birds pecking at each other. All they need are eyes.
Love the wallabies, chrysanthemums and the displays.

conny's quilts en creaties said...

What a great donation. And those wallabies look so cute!

Jeanette said...

Such delightful wallabies, they look so cuddly.
The blocks look like crabs scuttling along the sand. I prefer them going the same way, unless of course you are making heaps, then I like the secondary interlocking rings.
I think you found going to AQC was worth the bus hassle.

Wendy said...

It was nice to see you at the AQC and it is good that the V-line fares have come down.. (I should 'cash in' my free ones!)
Hope your buckets of Fabrics yield some Gems.
Cheers Wendy

Ivani said...

Looks like you will have scraps to play. Great donation!
The two wallabies are so cute!! Love the Simply Woven top and the blocks you are making looks gorgeous, both lay-outs are great. Looking forward to seeing which one you choose. Yeah!!! for the 5th Covid vaccination. This week I will have the annual Influenza shot. Have a great week, Vireya.

Pamela said...

Great to see real live nature so close! I like both quilt variations, but maybe the alternating a little more. Simply woven is interesting. I can’t imagine how it is put together. You are so clever!

Marie Králová said...

Your interesting article is colorful, like life. Greetings Marie.

Vivian said...

Oh so much going on down your way!
*Tubs of scraps, my kind of donation, hope it yields many gems!
*LOL, the Wallabes were waiting to sign their photography consent forms!
*Yeah, that "Woven" quilt had been on my "future quilt" list for a while -- love your version!
*Ooh, that deep mauve of the Chrysanthemum --- wasn't there an applique quilt (book cover maybe?) with a similar image and color? Hope you sent pictures to your sister showing how good a "plant foster mother you are!!
*You got to go to TWO quilt shows, I so wish that was in my future. I've never seen a "minis only" show and would love that opportunity.
*Definitely love the Pickle Dish Blocks "nose to nose" rather than marching in lock step but that's just me.
What a fun month you had!

Coburgcraftstuff said...

The pickle dish quilt looks like a bunch of crabs to me, legs & nippers out!
And I have to ask - how did you break your hearing aids? As a Teacher of the Deaf I have heard pretty much everything - I have had students with hearing aids go through the washing machine ( put into a pocket on the school bus); moulds chewed by the family dog; thrown out if the car window ( toddler’s first set of hearing aids, did not even make it home!); dropped in the driveway & driven over; taken apart & buried in the sand pit - just to name a few!

Vireya said...

One of the hearing aids came apart somehow - the part that was in my ear stayed there, but the little wire that connects it to the piece behind the ear broke or something. That was an easy fix, the audiologist repaired it in a couple of minutes. The other one just stopped working a couple of weeks later. It had to be sent off for repair, and in the end was replaced. I don't know what happened to it!