Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Surprise Birds

This bird surprised us when it showed up at our place last week: It was quite a surprise when it jumped on someone's shoulder as they walked across the back yard!

It isn't a native parrot. It was obviously someone's escaped pet, as it wasn't fussed by people. One of our neighbours has an aviary full of exotic birds, but it didn't belong to him. He posted a "Found pet bird" message with no description on the local area Facebook group, and the owner of the bird got in touch very quickly. She lives only a kilometre or so away, and came straight away to take her bird home.
The next day we had another bird surprise, when we looked out during quite heavy rain and saw this:
A pair of Australian wood ducks, with 12 ducklings! I have no idea where they suddenly appeared from. There is a pair who hang around our garden all the time, but they have no ducklings. These ones didn't stay long. They walked off into the rain, perhaps heading for a neighbour's dam.

A couple of days ago I discovered our resident kookaburras have a baby:

The bird on the right is the baby. It has a much shorter bill, and different colouring to the adult who had just given it a feed before I took the photo.

The final bird surprise is this panel I never ordered:

Late in January I ordered a template for cutting the diamonds for the EPP project I wrote about in my last post. The next day, before I had received any notification or acknowledgement of the order, I realised I already owned a template I could use. It was one that had belonged to my mother. So I sent the seller a message asking them to please cancel my order. I never got a response to that request. Instead, 2 days later (so 3 days after I placed the order) I got a message saying my order had been dispatched. That was disappointing, but my own fault I suppose for not keeping better track of what is in my sewing room! When the package arrived, this panel was included in it. I don't know if it was an accident and someone else is annoyed because their order was incomplete, or a gift because they didn't cancel my order, or what. But it is one (or two) more bird surprise for the month.


Ivani said...

Lovely birds on your way, Vireya. The wood ducks family and baby kookaburra are so precious. Glad the exotic parrot was found by its owner.

Pamela said...

All four of these are surprising! Maybe that parrot will think twice before trying to escape again. (Or maybe not). It’s amazing that 12 ducklings survived to get so big. Kookaburras always make me think of that song. I think the fabric panel is a gift.

Julierose said...

Beautiful bird visitors at your place; that is a lovely panel and a nice surprise...hugs, Julierose

Maria said...

You had some lovely, feathered and fabric visitors at your place.

Jeanette said...

Three lovely bird surprises. I feel sorry for the caged bird so far from home.

Wendy said...

It's always nice to get surprise in the mail. I once got small scissors included as a Thank you and more recently The Solar Panel Company sent us a bar of Macadamia Nougat around Christmas time. No comment, No explanation....
They installed the panels last week!
Cheers and Happy Bird Watching
(All we have are Small Wattlebirds and an occasional New Holland Honeyeater)

Unknown said...

I guess it was an omen? LOL. Do you like birds?

Vivian said...

Well, the birds were really flocking to you, LOL!! Great that the parrot was able to be returned to it's owner. Yeah, we've all done that with templates or patterns (ask me how I know). It was nice of the seller to include the additional panel and being a bird knew that yours was the place to nest in (ok, I'll stop the bird puns now, LOL)!! Given the hexagon shape, could it be used as part of a label or medallion for your project?