Sunday, February 26, 2023


February's Rainbow Scrap Challenge colour was pink. Here's a pink wildflower I saw earlier in the month, the spotted hyacinth-orchid, Dipodium pardalinum, which is an endangered species:

Here's some pink birds I saw today:

A few pink things from the garden, starting with a pale pink hoya:

A deep pink hydrangea:
A bright pink penstemon:

I made two of Ivani's scrappy hearts this month, 

I know that is four, but the bottom two of them are left over from last year. Speaking of last year, this month I sandwiched last year's hearts
And now I'm quilting them.

Linked to the final pink link-up at So Scrappy.


Maria said...

Lots of pretty pinks ….

Ivani said...

Isn't it pink a happy color? Beautiful pink flowers on ypir garden. Sorry that orchid is an endegered specie, so beautiful!
Your pink hearts are lovely, Vireya. Looking forward to seeing this gorgeous quilt done. Love the eye candy. Have a nice week!

Pamela said...

Pink isn’t a favorite of mine, but I have to say your flowers, birds, and hearts are gorgeous! Great photos of the flowers. The photo with water drops on the orchid is amazing!

Vivian said...

Oooh, such pretty pink colors both flowers and quilting!! The Hydrangea is so beautiful and I thought the Penstemon looked familiar --- I know it as Foxglove. I've only been able to get it to grow from seed once and that was years ago. Your Rainbow Hearts look so good, have fun quilting it!

Jeanette said...

The orchid is stunning! What a treat to see one. Love your hearts, pink but not overly sickly sweet lolly pink.

Cheryll said...

OOohh lots of pretty PiNK at your home. Nice post...xox

Jenny said...

Beautiful flowers, cheeky parts and such pretty heart blocks, all in gorgeous shades of pink.

Jenny said...

Parrots, I mean parrots, stupid spell check.