Monday, November 28, 2022

Another Week

Has gone by since my last post. And what have I done?

On Tuesday I posted our votes for Saturday's State Election:

On Wednesday we took a trip to Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary so a couple of blokes could play with tractors. I amused myself by wandering round looking for interesting iNaturalist observations. I found mainly insects, but here's an orchid (bud) I found at home before we went:

Diuris sulphurea, or tiger orchid.

Thursday was my son's birthday, but I could only talk to him by phone. His housemate has caught covid, and although my son has tested negative so far, he is not socialising. He doesn't want to do anything to contribute to spreading it around. So here's a picture of us on his birthday in 2008:

We were having dinner at an Indian restaurant that is sadly gone.

The rest of the week included:

  • An exciting bud forming on my hippeastrum:


  • Getting used to an older and slower laptop, which I am using until I can replace my poor dropped and shattered one.
  • Sewing sashing to my heart blocks:

Now I need to make some triangular pieces to fill in around the edges before I can assemble a top out of them.

  • Not starting the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery. I took a look around my sewing room and listed all the things that I could see that needed work. I'll be working to finish a few of those before I start anything new!
  • Watching the election results unfold on Saturday night. 
  • Walking the dogs on days when it wasn't raining (not many), and doing my steps on the treadmill when it was.

Maybe the next week will be more exciting?


Julierose said...

The past few weeks there has not been a lot of sewing going on..mostly cleaning out in my room...We are pretty warm here for late Nov. 51 (F). I've noticed the years getting warmer and warmer...later in the season...
hugs, Julierose

Marie Králová said...

That heart quilt already looks beautiful.


Jeanette said...

While not exciting you have had an interesting and productive week. The orchid is fascinating, hope you post an in bloom photo. The heart quilt is coming along nicely, the cornerstones create a different focus.

And it was exciting on Saturday night!

Maria said...

You've been kept busy this week even though you didn't get to sew much.
The Hearts are looking great.

Ivani said...

Love the look of the hearts with the sashing and black cornerstone. Well done Vireya. Happy birthday to your son. He is perfectly righ about don't do anything to contribute to spreading the virus around. Sending votes by mail is something that will not work here in Brazil.

Needled Mom said...

Hope your son stays healthy. Love the colorful hearts.

Pamela said...

I missed this post. Interesting that your election is on Saturday. In the US it is on Tuesday and on Sunday in Japan. Great picture of you and your son. Sorry you didn't get to take one together this year.