Monday, August 15, 2022

The Garden in August

There seems to be almost nothing in flower this August. I went back and looked at my post from the same time last year, and we seem to be significantly behind this year. 

Here's the first thing I saw in the garden today:

A swamp wallaby! Actually it isn't in the garden, it is just beyond the garden. You might notice a jonquil in flower in the foreground.

Now to the actual garden. Two hellebores, just because there isn't much else. Duke of Burgundy:

and an unnamed one:

Fortunately the leucadendrons haven't minded the frosty mornings:

But lots of other plants have been frizzled by over-night temperatures below zero.

Wattles are reliable at this time of year. Here's the leafless one:

And the Ovens wattle, with open flowers at the ends of the branches, and a million buds behind them:

Rosemary for a touch of blue:

An open daffodil, and a few about to open:

But many of the daffodils are only just emerging from the ground.

Camellia "Volunteer" has a flower, with quite a few buds to come:

Lots of euphorbias:
There were several different coloured cultivars here, but it looks like the plain green one has just about taken over.

Viburnum tinus:

and, slightly ratty-looking:


Then the sun came out for a few moments, long enough for this shot of the white flowers under my redbud (which has no buds yet):

and this hyacinth emerging:


Yellow flowers and leaves on this mahonia/berberis:


A few blossoms on the flowering quince, which almost don't count as it seems to have flowers all year. But at the moment there are no leaves, so the blossoms are more obvious:

And last of all a couple of cyclamens that I should have planted out but they are still in their pots:

The ones in the ground are flowering too, I just didn't photograph them.

That's it for August in the garden.


Jeanette said...

For a garden with no flowers, that is a lot of flowers. Although I get what your mean. When it is only one or two here and there the overall effect is limited.
Lots of very pretty examples though.

Ivani said...

Gorgeous leucadendrons and white flowers.

Pamela said...

Your garden is always so gorgeous! You must love where you live, wild animals plus so many beautiful plants!

Coburgcraftstuff said...

Plenty of lovely colour in your garden! Leucadendrons are one of my all time favourite flowers - thank you for the photo & naming them, I didn’t know what they were called before! I even have a photo of some as the home screen photo on my phone, they are number one in my list of plants to put in when we finally re do our garden!

Laura said...

Beautiful flowers, Vireya!

jacaranda said...

As always, you have something flowering in your beautiful garden. My daffodils are nearly finished flowering, the weather has beaten them down.
The wattle is beautiful around here.

Diane-crewe said...

When you look there is quite a bit of colour to be found.