Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Bulk Buy

My supply of sewing machine needles was almost depleted, so I went looking to buy some more. There are not many places nearby that sell them. 

There is a Spotlight. They sell all varieties of Schmetz needles at $8 for 5 needles, but the local store seems to be always out of stock of the commonly used sizes. I could mail order from their warehouse, but that would add $12.99 for delivery.

There is a Lincraft. They no longer sell Schmetz needles - they seem to have moved down-market in all their haberdashery items. Their needles are  $3-odd for 5, but very poor quality. I had one bad experience and wouldn't buy them again.

My only other option is a sewing machine dealer, who sells needles labelled "Janome", which are also about $8 for 5.

So I went looking online, to see what I could find. I placed an order on 1st April, and only 2 weeks later (not bad considering the Easter holidays) this arrived from the UK:

For approximately $33 including postage, I now have 50 Schmetz needles in the size I use most. Hooray! That should last me quite a while.

I wonder why they don't sell 10-packs in Australia?


  1. That’s a great bargain. I am need of 2 sizes of needles.

  2. Great buy on those!! this reminds me that I should change my needles more often ;000...
    Hugs julierose

  3. You won’t have to stop sewing for any reason. Two weeks seems quite reasonable. Mail between Japan an the US is incredible slow.

  4. That's a really great buy...
    I find it hard to get Rotary Blades.

  5. Fantastic! Now don't forget where you put them.

  6. That's great!
    Here, I only find Singer needles.

  7. I bought a packet of needles from Spotlight recently but they seemed crazy expensive. Bought a pack at the Coburg Janome store for $6 yesterday ( pack of 5). Have never seen a 10 pack!