Saturday, April 8, 2017


A friend's 60th birthday party at a vineyard in Waubra:

And because I haven't shown many garden pictures recently, here are a few.

Paintbrush lily, Haemanthus coccineus:


Bees are enjoying the white salvia this year
and so are little thornbills (no pictures, they move too fast) because so far the crimson rosellas haven't found and destroyed the salvias as they did last year. (Although that was later in April, so perhaps I'm speaking too soon.)

Lastly, flowers on an echeveria:


  1. It seems to be a pleasant place for celebrate a 60th birthday! Love the flowers pictures. Have a great week Vireya.

  2. Interesting view of the vineyard. The wind turbine is the star of the show.

  3. What a lovely venue for a party, hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Those look so pretty. It's a nice spot for a party.

  5. The Rosella's ate your salvias? Hmmm little devils, havent touched mine, but I dont have any white ones. I dont mind feeding the birds, but luckily we have lots of larger native flowering shrubs. Going to plant some more at Easter. Fingers crossed weather is good. Kicking myself I didnt do it last autumn.

  6. I love the cosmos, the gorgeous bluey- purple I right to assume the paintbrush lily is named for the shape of the flower before it opens? Lovely looking bloom.

    1. Actually it looks more like a paintbrush after it opens! But yes, the name comes from the shape of the flower.