Monday, April 10, 2017

It Was a Dark and Stormy...

The weather stats at 11:00 last night show some of the story:
We'd had 53mm of rain for the day. That's about a month's worth in one day.

Question: What's a good time to discover that although you own four oil lamps, you have no lamp oil?

Answer: Not when you lose power in a storm just before sunset. Fortunately we did find some candles, so we weren't in total blackness.

Without power during the storm I couldn't get this image:
That rain radar picture was on the ABC News website this morning. Lal Lal is only getting aqua-coloured rain here, but I'm sure we had red rain at times. The amazing part was how long that band of rain stayed in place. Normally bands cross over quickly and the rain is gone, but we had it pouring down for hours.

A picture of the weather station today shows that we got 60.8mm of rain during the whole storm (which it considers to have started on Saturday):

A screen-shot of the Emergency website taken this morning tells another part of the story:
If I had wanted to go and buy some lamp oil last night, I wouldn't have got very far. All roads out of Lal Lal were blocked by fallen trees. It was the sort of evening when you are very glad to have a warm dry house to stay inside! But those trees meant that some brave souls had to be out in the weather. 

Fallen branches, splintered and chain-sawed wood beside the road, are all that remains today:
But imagine the emergency workers out there last night in the wild weather, with tree branches whipping around overhead and threatening to break off and fall on them, while buckets of rain pelted down. All that to make the roads safe for anyone crazy enough to be out in the weather. Those brave souls deserve our gratitude!


  1. What a horrible night. So cold. So rough. So wet. Those SES volunteers are truly brave to do the job they do. I hope your friendly wallabies found shelter.

    1. I think the wallabies are safe, as they have been chomping more of my garden since then!

  2. Wow! 60mm. We keep candles and torches in various places around the house for those 'no electricity' times. Fortunately they don't occur very often. If the power goes off so does Bill's oxygen machine. Thank goodness for the oxygen bottles. Aussies are so lucky to have SES and CFA volunteers. What would happen without them?

  3. Yikes you really did cop it! We were in Swan Hill and it was beautiful weather!