Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lack of Progress

The month is half over and I haven't made much progress on anything yet. I've spent some of the time searching for a notebook which contains my original diagram for my Pentagon Sunflowers, this month's UFO. I have looked everywhere without success. It must be in one of the boxes out in the shed which haven't been unpacked yet.

Today I gave up looking for it. I attempted to re-create it by photographing the template grid, printing it out and colouring it in. But guess what else I couldn't find anywhere?

Coloured pencils! I don't remember seeing them in the last couple of years, so they probably are safely packed away with the notebook.

I managed with a grey-lead and a pink chalk marking pen to come up with something that will do. So now I know what extra pieces I need to make for the quilt, and I've found fabrics for them as well. Maybe there will be some real progress by the end of the month.

Linked to Sarah's HELP for Hexie-holics. Mine aren't hexies, but the link-up is all EPP no matter the shape. Check it out!


  1. We moved house some 12 years ago and there are still plastics tubs in the garage that have never been unpacked. Must be things we don't need!!
    I don't know why you would worry about lack of quilting progress as you seem to have been working on some large projects.

  2. I enjoyed Seeing your Quilt today was lovely

  3. Aaaaaargh ... don't you hate it when you "safely" tuck something aside and then can't find it? I'm the queen of that particular move! I'm really digging your fussy cut piecing of these! :)

  4. Oh that must be frustrating when you can't find what you really need. I also have several boxes from my last move in 2008. Fingers crossed your new color coded plan is better than the first plan!

  5. Great improvising, nothing holding you back now.