Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Catching Up

The last week in one blog post:

We planted a callistemon seedling beside Merle's grave

It was grown from seeds collected from my old garden. It should be able to cope with the clay soil, but I don't know about the cold winter. I hope it will grow and thrive.

I've been worried about Scruff, as she wouldn't eat for a few days after Merle died. But she is gradually starting to eat again, and we are gradually finding things she will eat. She likes cheese. She will eat pancakes and pasta and porridge. Not quite a balanced diet for a dog! She won't eat anything she needs to chew. She likes cat food. And this morning she even ate a little bit of sloppy dog food.

I don't want to leave Scruff alone in the house, so I wait until she's asleep to take Jack for walks. He enjoyed all the rain we've had. Splashing around in puddles is great fun:

In between the rain, the carpenters have most of the wall frames up:

Now we can get the feel of the size of the house,

and the volume of the rooms. It feels wonderful!

Fortunately the weather cleared up for the weekend. Here's an amateur carpenter making his contribution to the house:

And an amateur bricklayer trying out a bit of brick patchwork:

Fortunately the professionals were on hand to fix up that wonky brick, and by the end of Saturday the full length of the wall was up to head height:
The brickies were planning to continue on Sunday, to get the wall finished. I haven't been back to see it yet, but the weather was beautiful, so I hope they got it done.


  1. How wonderful it must be to see your house taking shape...what fun for 'those amateurs' getting so involved in the build! lol

  2. The house is really coming along so well; you mst be so anxious to "get in there"
    Hope your callistemon takes well--I have never heard of this plant--is it a shrub? My iris are finally ready to burst into their big white blooms..Spring (though still pretty coolish here) has arrived...hugs, Julierose P.S. what are you working on these days???

  3. It's nice to see you both having a hand in building a special house.
    The framing up is making it look like a house. Hope it all goes well over the winter.

  4. So sorry about Merle. Your house is looking real now. Exciting times. :-)