Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Few Bricks in the Wall

The brickies made an early start, and already had a couple of rows down before we arrived:
I love the colour of the mortar, and like the way the bricks are looking so far!

Nick the labourer collected a few bricks from each pallet on each run, to shuffle the colours:
That bright orange sand is what is giving the mortar the beautiful colour.

As the wall went up, I loved it as much as I hoped I might!

Remember the "lucky brick"?
Now it lives next to the light switch in my sewing room!

I love these walls!
Can you see the brick in the top row of the left wall with "OG" chalked on it? Graeme's parents came for a visit and brought a couple of bricks from their house in Ocean Grove for us to include in our walls. Having mementos like this in the walls makes them feel very special.

Here's a beautiful brick which just turned up in one of our pallets:
Kangaroo and emu brick! Set sideways so we can enjoy it forever. Appropriately we had a couple of kangaroos hop through the block today. No emus unfortunately, but a couple of wedge-tailed eagles soared overhead. They are pretty big birds.

Tomorrow the last section of our curvy wall will be built to the same height:

Then the top of the wall will be done next weekend. I love our patchwork brick wall!


  1. The brick wall is turning out beautiful!!! It's exactly like a scrappy patchwork quilt. It is so cool that you have the extra special bricks to use in your home. Wish I could send you one but the shipping would be horrendous.

  2. The wall is looking wonderful. Like leaders and enders with adjustments fo the vintage. All those "special "bricks will make the house so much more "your's ". Enjoy the process.

  3. I am so excited for you both, this dream is now taking shape. Thank you for including my brick in your wall. Love the patchwork effect. It has so much character.

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  5. Wow the house is really taking shape now! Love the special bricks too.