Monday, September 15, 2014

Wild and Goosey

For the first time in a while I sat down at my machine today and did a little patchwork:
Very little!

The Wild and Goosey pattern is designed by Bonnie Hunter, and was published in Quiltmaker magazine last year. Here's Bonnie's blog post about it at the time, where you can see what the finished block looks like:
Wild and Goosey Time with Quiltmaker.

Andee at The Modern Diary has been making one block a week between all her other sewing, and gradually is accumulating enough to make a quilt. I've been admiring hers for a while, and when she recently posted a link to the pdf file of the paper-piecing pattern at Quiltmaker, I downloaded it. You can find the link in Andee's post here:
Wild and Goosey Check In and More.

So today I took a short sanity break from packing etc, and used some little scraps to assemble these two sections (less than half of one block). Don't hold your breath as you wait for them to become a whole block!


  1. So glad to hear you took a break from all that work - it's important to keep your sanity! I bet those sections will be a quilt block before too long.

  2. Great looking block, Vireya :-)