Sunday, September 21, 2014

Spring Cleaning

On Thursday three guys came with a truck and took away some furniture I had sold. No photos, I was too busy being amazed at how inefficiently they worked.

On Friday, two more guys came to collect stuff I am keeping, and take it to where it will be stored:
I'd definitely recommend "Man with a Van", they were fast and efficient!

Early Saturday morning, evidence that it must be spring - about 5 hot-air balloons floated past, although they were very low and losing altitude. They looked like they were about to land in the next street!

After that excitement, we sorted out the cuttings I've taken of new spring growth from my old garden:
Hopefully some of them will strike.

Later, it was back to the old house to meet the rubbish-collecting guy:
Sadly my old lounge suite had to go to the tip. I tried to sell it, and tried to give it away. The rubbish guy said it was the heaviest lounge suite he'd ever moved; they built them to last in the 1930s.

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  1. Well done Vireya! I feel quite nostalgic for you but excited about your new journey. Good wishes for a wonderful tree-change!