Saturday, August 2, 2014

What's in Flower - August

Here's my second-last monthly post of the flowers currently in my garden.

First rose of spring:
Unidentified deep red rose.

Cymbidium orchid - Peter Pan X Snow Eagle "Malcolm":
These flowers are looking a bit sad, but still hanging on.

Vireya "Princess Alexandra":

Grevillea "John Evans":

This one has only a couple of flowers at the moment, despite being a fairly large plant.

Lemon tree:

Another callistemon:
This one has a few flowers, but mainly on a branch which has been broken in the wind.

Thickleaf aeonium, Aeonium arboreum:
A little bit of a cheat, as none of the flowers are actually open yet. But the buds are getting ready to pop. The flowers will be yellow.

Eucalyptus leucoxylon (yellow gum) 'Eukie Dwarf':
Has lots of buds, but this was the only flower I could find open. It looks like it has been bashed around a bit by the weather though.

Crassula ovata:


This one is absolutely covered in flowers.

Mexican sage (Salvia leucantha):

Bethel sage - Salvia involucrata 'Bethelii':

Fringe flower, Loropetalum chinense var rubrum:
 Violets (Viola odorata):
 This one looks a bit ratty!



Spring really is coming, and here's proof - jasmine flowers (Jasminum officinale):


  1. When I looked at your blog this morning it was winter. Tonight the photos are full of colour from your beautiful garden.

  2. What a great collection of blooms already opening up. I love that jasmine with white flowers on red branches. You got a good photo of the jonquils with that transparent "leaf" in the background. s this your old or your new garden?