Friday, August 22, 2014

Undressed and Over 100

A trip to central Victoria to see two very different gallery exhibits.

First, a stop to change drivers and check out some trees. A lot of the small trees in the paddock across the highway started life in my backyard:
This is the land where we planted TreeProject trees I grew in 2011 and 2012.

Next stop, Bendigo Gallery for the V&A exhibit, Undressed: 350 Years of Fashion in Underwear. No photos allowed, unfortunately. It is not a big exhibition, but I had a good look around before large numbers of people began to arrive at about midday. Get there in the morning if you are going!

Stone work on a building in View St, Bendigo:
I wouldn't mind something like that on the thermal mass wall in our new house.

After lunch something completely different, Bendigo Trailers and Hardware (dud website, but amazing in real life), which doesn't sound like a demolition yard, but most of it is:
Boxes of unused tiles from around the world in one small part of the yard out the back.

Home via Castlemaine, where the gallery has a small exhibition of very moving portraits by Peter Wegner of 10 centenarians. Each work includs a few words about the subject's thoughts on turning 100, which were fascinating to read. Worth seeing if you are in the area before the end of August.

Found a nice door-handle in one Castlemaine business, and loved these hexagon tiles on the doorstep of another building:

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  1. As always I love your observations. It must be gratifying to see how well the trees are doing!