Saturday, July 6, 2013

Scatterday - N

It's Scatterday again, and this week we have the letter

and our categories are:
* medical
* celebration
* ocean
* notion from the sewing room

Neem toothpaste from India. The neem tree is native to the sub-continent, and traditionally people there chewed on neem twigs to clean their teeth. Many medical claims are made for neem, particularly on the internet, but I don't know if there is any scientific basis for any of them.

This is me on my ninth Christmas (or ninth Noël, to keep the Ns happening). My parents used to take a picture of us with our presents each year. That year all I wanted was a watch, and there it is! I still have it, too, although the mobile phone's time display has meant I haven't worn my watch for a few years. What is quite strange to me now is the resemblance between this picture and my son at a similar age.

This is not my photo; hover over it for attribution. Years ago I found one of these on a beach on the Bass Coast. From a distance I thought it was a sheep's horn. In fact it is the egg case of an argonaut octopus, and is commonly called a "paper nautilus".

A few years back I had the notion that I would make something using the faux chenille technique. I purchased this (rather expensive) gadget which has remained in its packaging, and the faux chenille project has remained merely a notion.

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  1. Love your N's Vireya. I found a paper nautilus as well, and the structure of them are intriguing. Love your photo, you haven't changed at all.

  2. Snap on the chenille cutter...mine was used once but I didn't just buy the basic cutter I also bought the extra cutters and they haven't been used....once was enough.
    Love the egg case.

  3. How the wheel turns....or stands still! I have a chenille cutter in pristine condition, too! I love your photo aged c.nine. Wonderful to have a memory and record like that. My mother would love your shift as she has a maltese cross. Would love to see a paper Nautilus.

  4. Ahh - the obligatory Christmas Photo with gifts - how I remember them.
    Great post - Wendy.