Saturday, May 11, 2013

Scatterday - V

This time it's for Vireya.

Our categories, as set by Cinzia, are:
# colour
# pointy
# weather
# and of course it has to be a vibrant quilt
A couple of easy ones, but weather? I will be fascinated to see what people came up with for that one!

Vermilion leaf on my persimmon tree.

Vreisea has pointy leaves.

This week's warm sunny days have felt more vernal than autumnal. But the truth about all the Victorian weather is available at the Bureau of Meteorology.

Not such a vivid quilt, but it does have one vivid piece in it:

As usual, you can find links to the other Scatterday participants on Cinzia's blog.


  1. That colour of your autumn leaf is stunning. Beautiful sunrise here in Melbourne this morning, a clear blue sky always makes you feel good doesn't it. Look forward to your letter M.

  2. Those cute elephants are certainly vivid indeed. Mmm, a persimmon tree, does it fruit well? I have to admit I've never tried the fruit, but the colour of the leaf is gorgeous.

  3. Great as usual. I now know what vernal means :)
    and what fabulous elephant fabric. Well done for such different photos.
    Did you like Year of Wonders .... I loved it.

  4. Loved the 'vernal' weather!! such a beautiful clear sky. You must have an amazing garden: colours, shapes, textures

  5. I was cut off in my prime from finishing the above so will have to type more quickly! Te quilt is very interesting. Would love to see more of it. The vibrant block is very cute. Is it an eye-spy?

  6. Hi Vireya, years ago a neighbour gave me some Persimmons - makes interesting Ice cream ;-)

  7. I am awed by your vocabulary......LOL. Lovely choices and photos.

  8. What gorgeous coloured leaves.... autumn has always been my favourite season and that is because of its colours.