Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fern Rescue

Out walking today I saw this large bird's nest fern that someone had dug up and left lying on a nature strip along with other garden waste. I had to take it home with me!
Probably Asplenium nidus. The fronds are up to a metre long, although they have been hacked a bit in places. There are spores on the fronds, so it has been happy where it has been living. There are new fronds forming in the centre:
Why someone would throw out a plant like this, I can't imagine. Especially when they have obviously had it for a very long time. I hope it will be happy with me!


  1. What a find Vireya! I bet the fern will soon be very pleased it has arrived at your place!

  2. Great find Vireya, I love my bird nest ferns. Every so often I attack them with the shears and take off the old leaves, it always bounces back.