Saturday, May 25, 2013

Scatterday - M

M is today's sinking letter, and the categories are:
modern quilt.

Sport is not my thing. I'm stretching the definition to include games:
Monopoly. I was given a set by an aunt when I was in 5th or 6th grade, but it wasn't long before Mum banned it from the house because of the fights that arose. My son bought this Star Wars set when we were in the US in 2000, but he tired of it quickly after being thrashed by someone who played not just to win, but to destroy everyone else. So it seems Monopoly is not suitable for children or adults!

Movies! Even better, movies that all start with "M". This selection are all classics, for one reason or another.
Mughal-e-Azam - a quality classic from 1960.
Mard - a "so bad it's good" classic from 1985.
Mujhse Shaadi Karogi - very funny "leave your brain at home" comedy.
Main Hoon Na - the first Hindi movie I saw, which indirectly lead to me studying Hindi and travelling to India.

Merle. One of my imaginatively-named dogs! Merle is a blue-eyed merle.

Modern Quilt:
I haven't made any quilts that fit the definition of a "modern" quilt yet. So here's something that isn't modern at all! I picked it up for a couple of dollars recently. I love the title: Every Kind of Patchwork. It was published in 1978, although this paperback edition is from 1983. It doesn't include anything involving rotary cutting, which is probably the basis for just about every patchwork technique these days. But some of the designs are quite timeless, and would look like modern quilts if they were in modern fabrics.

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  1. So surprising and interesting, Vireya! Monopoly was divisive in our home, too! My brother always won. However, he then decided that it was a capitalist game and put it way for ever! The Merle is new to me and your Merle is lovely... Azure eyes melt the heart. Your movie collection is off the wall! What a journey that movie can take the credit for!

  2. Another interesting collection of M words. Who could resist those big blue eyes belonging to Merle.
    And that certainly is quite a collection of foreign movies!

  3. great M words and so different.

  4. Great M's Vireya. I haven't played Monopoly in years, as Dh as usual would always win. What a beautiful dog and those blue eyes are to die for.

  5. I agree with your mum, Monopoly should be banned from all abodes. As a child I grew to hate it after playing with my siblings who were the annihilate everyone kind if players. My sons enjoy it but I to play.

  6. Refuse to play is what it should say...iPad playing up

  7. Monopoly - what memories it brings back - also the same in my house - I never won. Then my sons started playing - again I couldn't win. Love your other M's.