Saturday, April 27, 2013

Scatterday - L

This week's letter is:

And our categories are:
# sky
# purple
# city
# and a lap quilt

The sky over my home is the approach path for planes landing at Melbourne airport. Having spent my early years around air-force bases, I'm used to the sound of planes and rarely notice them. However this one still makes me look up:
A Qantas A380 about to land.

Very purple lounge chair, marked down from $240 to $180 if you want it!

Thylacine Family sculpture in the heart of Launceston.

Lap quilt:
I made this quilt for my mother's 80th birthday in 2008. It's "Pinwheels and Posies", designed by Beth Ferrier.

See how others met the "L" challenge via the links on Cinzia's blog.


  1. Great ideas for L Vireya. I am glad I don't live under the flight path, I would be spending all my days looking up to the sky and never getting anything done. Lovely photo of your Mum and you.

  2. What a beautiful quilt. Isn't it wonderful to make quilts for people we love?

  3. Lovely lap quilt, made especially for your Mum.
    And.... we have travelled to Lauceston - some years ago now. Tasmania reminded us very much of our home, New Zealand.

  4. Hi have tried a couple of times to finish a comment but it jams. A funky collection of Ls the purple chair but couldn't live with it! The plants and your regeneration is an amazing project.

  5. Great collection of 'L's. You've probably guessed I'm not participating at the moment but still looking at what everyone else is posting.

  6. Love the Lap Quilt and the sharing with you Mom.

  7. I guess you get used to the noise of the planes. Like I love the noise of the clock ticking during the night. Although I love purple not sure I want the chair. Lovely lovely quilt you made for your Mother. Was it a pattern.

  8. Yeah the picture of your Mum, I never got one of Mum with any of the quilts I made for her though she loved one made from a tea towel and I said to lay that over her when she was buried.
    Have a good two weeks till we are back.